In case you didn’t know me…

My name is Chris, I’m 27 and from England.

At the tender age of 16 I had joined the army hoping to travel far and wide but 6 years and several of the worlds shit holes later I was out of the army and still dreaming. I continued to work and save and eventually, in September 2009 left the comfortable bosom of Britain bound for Delhi, India.

I travelled East through India, Nepal, China & Japan. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand eventually finding my way to South America where I began to explore the continent.


I had my first motorcycle experience in Nepal where 3 friends and I toured the North of the country on dubiously named Yamaha enticers. Quickly falling in love with that particular way of seeing the world I made several more journeys by motorcycle, in Thailand and eventually following the not so unpopular Minsk route from Saigon to Hanoi in Vietnam, buying my classic Russian machine for $300 and selling it for the same.

After travelling by bus through Brazil and Argentina I felt I was missing something and put in motion a plan to ride North from Santiago, following the Andes and the Pan American highway to Colombia, and so this journey came to be.