After a recent close shave with a butter knife in a toaster (seriously though, how is that dangerous?) I have decided that life can be too short and have rather unoriginally compiled a list of 100 things I want to do before I die and to ensure that I actually follow through with them, plan to write a blog dedicated to it by way of public accountability. I have left the last ten free for some suggestion from friends or even other bloggers and so I welcome any suggestions. I am yet to figure out any “rules” to accompany the list but once I start the blog I’m sure I’ll work something out. There are also some that I have already completed however I remember them as being clear life goals and so worthy of the list.

  1. Join the army

  2. Learn to drive a tank

  3. Become a sniper

  4. Fight in a war

  5. Go backpacking for a year or more

  6. Learn another language

  7. Learn guitar (better)

  8. Jam with my sister

  9. Write and perform a song

  10. Climb a mountain

  11.  Be an extra in a Hollywood movie

  12.  Be an extra in a Bollywood movie

  13.  Write something that gets published

  14.  Take a photo that gets published

  15.  Introduce a friend to his/her future wife/husband

  16.  Sky dive

  17.  Go to college or University

  18.  Own a business

  19.  Walk from Lands end to John O’Groats, UK

  20.  Walk the Pacific crest trail, USA

  21.  Ride a motorcycle from India to England

  22.  Ride a motorcycle from Saigon to Hanoi, Vietnam

  23.  Ride a motorcycle from Santiago, Chile to Fairbanks, Alaska

  24.  Ride a motorcycle around Ireland with Dad

  25.  Ride a motorcycle around Europe

  26.  Actually get a motorcycle licence

  27.  Run the running of the bulls, Spain

  28.  Attend the tomato festival, Spain

  29.  Drink copious amounts of beer at Oktoberfest, Germany

  30.  Swim in the beer swimming pool, Austria

  31.  Celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, Ireland

  32.  Drive or ride down the Stelvio pass, Italy

  33.  Visit Papayet, Ukraine

  34.  Learn to sail

  35.  Sail the Caribbean island chain

  36.  Sail across an ocean

  37.  Ask out the girl from the fish & chip shop back home

  38.  See Arura Borialis

  39.  Write a blog about this list

  40.  Volunteer for 4 months or more

  41.  Road trip America

  42.  Get a dog and name him Colin

  43.  March with the veterans on remembrance day

  44.  Be a zombie in a zombie movie or tv show

  45.  Play chess with an old man in central park, NYC

  46.  Take a walk with Karl Bushby

  47.  Bench press 200lbs

  48.  Run (and finish) a marathon

  49.  Learn Yoga

  50.  Attend a World Cup

  51.  Live in a wilderness for a month or more

  52.  Learn how to drive an elephant

  53.  Learn to dance…                 a)Salsa b)Samba c)Tango

  54.  Track down Vinyl copies of my 50 favourite albums

  55.  Get into a fight and loose then blame it on “something I’m not supposed to talk about”

  56. Visit every continent…       a)Europe  b)Asia c)Oceania  d)South America e)North America  f) Africa  g) Antarctica

  57.  Dance in the Rio carnival, Brasil

  58.  Climb Roraima, Venezuela

  59.  Trek the stampede trail to the magic bus, Alaska

  60.  See a polar bear in the wild

  61.  See a big cat in the wild (fat moggy doesn’t count)

  62.  See silverback gourillas in the wild

  63.  See a Great White shark in the wild

  64.  Learn to ride a horse

  65.  Go hunting

  66.  Visit Easter island, Chile

  67.  Trek in the Amazon jungle

  68.  Visit the Galapagos islands

  69.  Trek the W trek, Torres del Paine, Chile

  70.  See turtles nesting

  71.  Smoke weed with a Rasta in Jamaica

  72.  Smoke a cigar in Havana, Cuba

  73.  Smoke shisha with some random arab fellas

  74.  Hitch hike from Vancouver to Montreal

  75.  Climb inside a shipwreck at the Skeleton coast, Namibia

  76.  Get lost for a few days

  77.  See the lightning over lake Maricaibo, Venezuela

  78.  Watch the wizard of Oz whilst listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon

  79.  See the Baobab trees of Madagascar

  80.  Witness a great mammal migration

  81.  Track Komodo dragons in Indonesia

  82.  Climb an active volcano

  83.  Trek to Everest base camp

  84.  Place a bet on the camel races in Dubai, UAE

  85.  light a candle at Petra, Jordan

  86.  Witness the red crab migration, Christmas island, Australia

  87.  Restore an old motorcycle

  88.  Visit salvation mountain, CA, USA

  89.  Be part of an expedition

  90.  See The black Keys live

  91.  Compile an album of 15 comical roller coaster snapshots with friends

  92.  Film a parody 80’s music video

  93.  * Readers Choice #3

  94.  * Readers Choice #4

  95.  * Readers Choice #5

  96.  * Readers Choice #6

  97.  * Readers Choice #7

  98.  * Readers Choice #8

  99.  * Readers Choice #9

  100. * Readers Choice #10

    Completed Items

    #1  Join the army, completed in October 2001 at The Infantry Training Centre Catterick, UK

    #2 Learn to drive a tank, completed in February 2002 at Warminster Barracks, UK

    #3 Become a Sniper, completed in December 2005 at Bulford Barracks, UK

    #4 Fight in a War, Technically a peace keeping operation yet the shades of grey in modern war zones extends beyond such labels, Completed in April 2005 in Basrah, Iraq

    #5 Go Backpacking for a year or more, completed in September 2010 in Melbourne, Australia after exploring most of Asia

    #6 Learn another language, completed in August 2011 in Bogota, Colombia (Spanish)

    #10 Climb a mountain, completed in June 2007 at Mount Kinnibalu, Borneo

    #22 Ride a motorcycle from Saigon to Hanoi, Vietnam, completed in March 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam on a 1965 Russian Minsk

    #34 Learn to sail, completed July 2011 in the Caribbean, aboard sail boat Cassiopeia

    #52 Learn how to drive an Elephant, completed January 2010 in Chang Mai, Thailand

    #53a) Learn to dance Salsa, completed May 2011 in Bogota, Colombia

    #56a) Visit Europe, completed April 1984 (was born there so that was easy)

    #56b) Visit Asia, completed August 2003 in Qatar (first desert military exercise)

    #56c) Visit Oceania, completed in April 2010 in Melbourne Australia

    #56d) Visit South America, completed in December 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    #56e) Visit North America, completed in July 2002 in Petawawa, Canada (Military exercise)

    #65 Go hunting, completed in October 2008, somewhere in Norway

    #67 Trek the Amazon jungle, completed in August 2011 in Colombian Amazonia

    #68 Visit the Galapagos islands, completed in October 2011 in the Galapagos islands

    #70 See turtles nesting, completed in May 2011 at Trinidad’s northern beaches