Thankyou very much to Javagirl for nominating me, It’s a real honour to be nominated by a fellow blogger. The Versatile Blogger award  is just a fun way to recognize Blogs that you particularly enjoy and come back to time and time again. There are 5 main rules…

1. Name 15 bloggers.
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination and award.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

So here are my 15 nominations and why I chose them

1. Javagirl’s Life  Not only a reciprocal gesture but quite possibly my favorite Blog on here. Her regular posts explore deeply into her everyday thoughts and feelings coupled with some artistic photography, conjuring up ideas and inspiration of your own that you never thought you had.

2. Geekheart (Geekheart a day) A good friend of mine and one of the first readers of my blog, Rebecca and I have known each other since Boys 2 Men were cool. Again, not only because she has been such a big supporter of me on here but her daily designs of hearts, plucked from the depths of her imagination continue to cheer me up. She is truly my design guru

3.Lesley Carter, Travel, Adventure and New experiences A blog that is absolutely jam packed full of whacky and crazy adventures stemming from an impressively thoughtful bucket list from which I enjoy plucking a post from and procrastinating over. Her blog inspired me to compile a list of my own.

4.This is how I travel Another great pseudo bucket list blog with great travel goals from another fellow traveler. Her posts are great musings from a life on the road, stories that any traveler can relate to coupled with some cracking travel photography

5. I We Photo More great travel photography from South America focussed on really capturing the feel of the continent through a lens

6. A Soul’s Walk An almost daily delivery of poetry from a very gifted and creative mind, some recent post I fount to be truly moving.

7. The Simple Machine Though still in its infancy, TSM talks deeply about the enigmatic relationship between a man and his motorcycle, somewhat reminiscent of Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance. I am really keen to see the next post whenever it may arise

8.Jim Brickett Photography Beautiful photos from an insanely interesting looking guy who worships blues, harleys and I sincerely hope bourbon too.

9.F-Stop Mama Stunning images from a new photographer who proves just how quickly a creative and passionate person can become a great photographer

10. Goliath Expedition Actually one of my hero’s, Karl Bushby has walked from the southern most point of South America, crossing the Darien gap and a frozen Bearing straight on his way back to England. The blog follows on from his amazing book “Giant steps”

11. S/Y Cassiopeia Though this blog is in Norwegian it has a translation tab making it legible to the english reader. It follows my good friend Jan’s adventure as he sails Cassiopeia around the world. I have joined him for the Caribbean leg of his journey and exchanged some photos for the adventure of a lifetime and new, exciting sailing skills.

12.From Dead Horse Down I met Lenny in the middle of the Bolivian altiplano where he very kindly gave me some of his spare fuel. He was on his way south from Alaska while I was on my way North though since reading his blog regularly I see that he simply cannot be stopped and after reaching Ushuia, simply turned round and rode back to the US

13. Brazil Road Trips A collection of several different road trip stories from Motorcycle to 4×4 complete with stunning shots of a stunning country that I absolutely must re-visit

14. Geekhearts (main page) More from Rebecca as she explores a world of design and turns it upside down

15. The Island Written by a walker who is discovering just how beautiful the island that I call home really can be. I aim to follow in his footsteps when I return.

7 Random things about me

1. I am a qualified Sniper

2. I have “Tank” on my driver’s license

3. I don’t have motorcycle on my drivers license

4. My old flatmate, James, has a tattoo of my face, roughly the size of a grapefruit on the back of his leg

5. I once did Ayahuaska in the Amazon jungle and tripped out for hours

6. I’m epileptic

7. I often laugh at the misfortune of others