Franklin and I were brought together in a cheap Buenos Aires hostel by a mutual appreciation for Tattoos, the Black Keys and Epilepsy. From San Diego, California Frank was a 23 year old commercial diver who had caught a flight to Argentina with no plan or agenda, waiting to see what the world had in store for him. It was on a Buenos Aires street whilst tucking into an ice cream that he casually agreed to join me without fuss or waver, on what was to be the most epic adventure either of us had undertaken.

At times Frank and I came to disagreement, as was to be expected on such long journeys. He had a laid back California kid attitude that sometimes enraged the uptight Englishman that lived deep within me but it was that same attitude that kept him crazy enough to join me. That said, we mostly got along fine and in hindsight Frank would always be the guy who, over an ice cream, casually agreed to an almost ridiculous idea.